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Gel Fireplaces

Gel Fireplaces burn an all-natural, jelled alcohol that is 100% efficient and ecologically sound. Each can burns for two to three hours and can be reused until empty. They are safe and completely smokeless and even provide the romance of the traditional sound of the “pop and crackle” found in a wood fire… without the mess. Each can of jel produce up to 3,000 BTU’s an hour and one may burn up to 3 cans at a time. Since there is no chimney heat stays in the room though these are primarily decorative and not designed as a primary heating source. They will certainly help keep the chill out on a cold day. Cost of a can of fuel is approximately $.80 per hour, most people burn 2-3 cans for a wider flame. Fuel can be shut down and saved for another time by replacing the can lid.

The product has been tested by a number of independent research laboratories and found to be perfectly safe. The air quality of the product in a room when the fuel is burning falls within the standards established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (O.S.H.A.) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Gel fireplaces allow you to enjoy a warm, romantic fire in any room in your house without any of the cost; mess or smell associated with a traditional fireplace and can be set up in minutes. They are ideal for apartments, condominiums, mobile homes, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices, and conference rooms. Place one just about anywhere you wish to have the beauty of a real flame fireplace. Gel fireplaces can also be moved from room to room making them the perfect portable fireplace.